MEDI LIFE INDIA – A well-known and authentic third-party Ayurvedic company and manufacturer of Ayurvedic medicines and herbal products for physical well-being and disease management based in India. Founded by Dr. Dilipkumar Yadav and Dr. Prashant Patil in 2018.

MEDI LIFE INDIA – Committed to providing authentic Traditional medicine treatments and traditional medicines of India to the world, backed by thousands of years old Traditional Medicine texts like Charak Samhita, Shusrut Samhita, Ashtang Sangrah, Bhav Parkasha Nighantu and many more and thousands of years of research by our ancient scholars, such as Maharishi Shusrut, Maharishi Charka, Maharishi Vagbhat, etc. and clinical research is also done based on modern parameters by our Ayurvedic doctors.

Since 2006, with wide exposure and clinical practice, Dr. Dilipkumar Yadav has formulated over 300 Traditional Medicine formulas. In Traditional medicine clinical practice, the main tool is result-oriented traditional medicine, but during his clinical practice, he found that most traditional medicines available in the market are not result-oriented because many of them do not meet the quantity parameters, and the quality of proper ingredients, formulations, processing, and manufacturing according to the Ayurvedic concept of VATA, PITA, and KAPHA Tridosha and diseases.

Thus, he has been emphasizing the development of authentic and result-oriented Traditional medicines based on the principle of Tridosha balance and also established a state-of-the-art Ayurvedic manufacturing unit sponsored by KVIC (Government of India) in the framework of the PMEGP (Profit Generation Scheme). ) plan. Post of prime minister). Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises) as a company.

Today, we are proud to be a well-known international traditional medicine brand and the best traditional medicine manufacturer and service provider in the world, with experience in combining traditional medicine knowledge in the formulation and manufacture of traditional medicines like Ayurvedic and herbal supplements to combat lifestyle-related health problems modern life, as well as acute and chronic diseases.

Each product formulation complies with the Department of Ayurveda regulated by the Ministry of Ayush-Government of India, FSSAI, and USFDA regulations and guidelines to meet international manufacturing standards.

All formulations formulated by MEDI LIFE INDIA are free from any type of chemicals, GMOs, synthetic colors, fragrances, and fillers. Our manufacturing facilities also hold organic certification from the certification body Lacon Germany for NPOP, NOP and EU recognized by APEDA Govt of India). More than 1000 products pass this organic certification which includes spices, vegetables, cereals, oils, whole herbs, powdered herbs, herbal juices, etc. and soon we will be launching an organic grocery division of MEDI LIFE INDIA.

MEDI LIFE INDIA does not support any type of animal cruelty; therefore all formulated products are 100% vegetarian and free of animal by-products.


  • Operation of the Ayurvedic Clinic and the Panchkarma Center
  • Clinical training and research in Ayurveda
  • Development of Ayurvedic drug formulations
  • Manufacture of Ayurvedic products
  • Organic groceries and herbal cosmetics


Our range of traditional, organic and Ayurvedic products includes herbal extract capsules, herbal tablets, herbal juices, herbal drops, herbal oils, powders, and granules to herbal, herbal teas, health supplements, herbal cosmetics, herbs, and classical Ayurvedic medicine.


MEDI LIFE INDIA has a wide presence in the Indian market through a chain of Ayurveda clinics, Ayurveda shops, and a network of distributors/dealers across India and pursues our vision of spreading the wonders of Ayurveda across the globe. Our Ayurvedic Wellness Center and Distributor offers authentic treatments and a range of Ayurvedic wellness products and can also be consulted for diet and lifestyle modifications. In addition to an Ayurvedic herbal supplement, we also specialize in the development of proprietary and classic Ayurvedic medicines for professional distribution.

Furthermore, in line with current global market trends and growing demand from our existing market network for Ayurvedic medicines and wellness products, MEDI LIFE INDIA has also planned to establish another fully automated state-of-the-art Ayurvedic factory with world-class infrastructure.


We follow verification of pre-production testing to ensure that the quality and efficacy of each herbal raw material used in Ayurvedic production is authentic, of prescribed quality, and free from contamination. Our Ayurvedic production process complies with all specified SOPs to maintain standards. The quality control team follows a strict quality control procedure before any product is put on the market.


Quality is not just limited to the range of products we manufacture, but also to all aspects of our operations. For us, quality is a tool that contributes to guaranteeing the satisfaction and well-being of our customers. Every herbal product or Ayurvedic treatment we provide is evaluated on an array of structures related to the ingredients and proportion of constituents and their effect on the human body. They are also assessed against the acceptance criteria of all relevant national and international standards. MEDI LIFE INDIA believes in Total Quality Management and Total Quality Compliance. Our post-production products are government tested. Lab as well as the renowned lab in India. We also follow the phytochemical analysis procedure to ensure the quality and efficacy of the raw herb.


  • Our mission is to promote genuine and genuine Ayurveda in every home
  • Our mission is to spread the miraculous healing power of Ayurveda to the
  • Improving society and maintaining good health.
  • Our mission is to maintain the highest ethical standards and integrity
  • At all levels of our organization.


To become the most trusted and authentic Ayurvedic ethical brand and organization in the world by formulating and promoting authentic, pure, and chemical-free Ayurvedic formulations to society.

Provide equal opportunity for growth to all employees, business partners, and other stakeholders by offering brand partnership opportunities in accordance with the company’s “loyalty and royalty” policy.